By using the store, the user agrees to the processing of his personal data for the purposes and in the ways set out in this policy. The procedure for collecting, storing and destroying personal data The collection of personal data is carried out exclusively with the knowledge and consent of users to provide access to services such as: selection of goods on the site, warranty service, participation in advertising campaigns and campaigns. , company loyalty. The company takes the necessary technical and organizational measures to protect information to prevent information leakage and minimize such risks. These measures include the use of firewalls, antivirus tools, placing media in secure server centers, encrypting, broadcasting network addresses and hiding the internal structure of the corporate network, implementing appropriate systems and procedures for managing access rights. Data backup is used to protect against unintentional loss and / or damage to personal data. Personal information is kept until the end of the business. The maximum storage period for personal data is 75 years from the date of its receipt by the user. The destruction or depersonalization of a part of personal data, if permitted by a material medium, can be performed in a way that excludes further processing of this personal data, at the same time the possibility of processing other data recorded on a material medium is preserved (deletion, deletion). Blocking, destruction, anonymization of personal data is carried out for the reasons specified in the current rule. Confirmation of actions to block, destroy, anonymize personal data is a law developed by the company's commission consisting of authorized persons. The company collects data in the following categories: Technical information. This category of information includes: computer IP address and access time; information about which link the user went to the resource; information about visited pages on the site; information about the links used on the site; information about displaying advertising banners; information about the user's computer devices; other technical information provided by the user's browser (device type, browser type and version, operating system, screen resolution, etc.); mobile phone number when the user calls the phone numbers listed on the site. Information required to access services. In order to authorize users of the Site and confirm their actions, personalize services, as well as provide goods and user reviews when registering on the Site, it collects the following information: last name e-mail address; phone number; Email; usernames and passwords Username and password are required. Address information is mandatory only if you use a delivery service. Other information (name and surname of the user, e-mail address, telephone number, postal address) is optional and is provided by the user at his own request. Information about user actions This category of information includes: information about transactions between the user and the company, information about sent requests or requests; information about purchased goods and provided services (including information about delivery); financial information (including payments made, credit card information, billing address, credit check results, and other similar financial information); detailed information about agreements between the user and the company, information about contacts and messages; data on the user's location (upon receipt of the user's direct consent for each case of providing such information). Purpose of processing personal data